MACSON has completed a diverse range of projects including commercial construction, building additions and tenant improvements, light industrial, as well as a number of unique projects.

Commercial Construction

MACSON has completed a number of commercial projects of various size and complexity. MACSON has extensive experience in the construction of office buildings, commercial retail units (CRU), and warehouses.

Alberta Milk Petland
New Buildings » New Buildings »
  • Alberta Milk Building
  • Futureshop Terralosa Building
  • 124 Street Neurology Building
  • Edge Equipment Building
  • Jorgensen Steel Office and Warehouse Building

Building Additions, Building Rehabilitations and Tenant Improvements

MACSON has a successful record of completing a range of building additions and tenant improvement projects of various size and complexity. Building Additions and Tenant Improvement projects completed include retail spaces, dental clinics, restaurants, office spaces, government offices and institutional spaces. MACSON has also completed a number of building rehabilitation projects which include older buildings with outdated systems and historical buildings.

FVC Terra Losa Knol Facade
Tenant Improvements » Tenant Improvements »
  • Patterson Dental Office and Showroom
  • Doan Dental Clinic
  • Viewtracks Office
  • Cornerstone Dental Clinic
  • Nsair Dental Clinic
  • C.U.P.E. Office Renovations
  • Venus Eye Design
  • Edge Equipment Office
  • Boyle Street Dental Clinic
  • Health Canada Office Fit-Up
  • PWGSC Office Fit-Up
  • Emerald Hills Dental Clinic
  • Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Fit-Up
  • Cora Breakfast and Lunch Fit-Up
Building Rehabilitations » Building Rehabilitations »
  • Churchill Exchange Building
  • Knol Building
  • McKenzie Building
  • 104 Street Building
  • 106 Street Building
  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre
  • HALO Building
  • Jasper 105 Dental Building
Building Additions » Building Additions »
  • Canadian Urban Office
  • Petland Building Addition
  • Weatherford Welding Shop and Wireline Services Addition
  • Van Leeuwen Office and Mezzanine Addition
  • KARO Dental Building Addition
  • KalTire Addition
Light Industrial

MACSON has the experience and knowledge to complete a wide range of light industrial projects including cranes, mezzanine structures, control buildings, equipment foundations and process plant pipe racks.

Hexion Control Bleachers
Completed Projects » Completed Projects »
  • Hexion Tank Farm
  • Lufkin Boring Mill Foundation
  • IronTech Pull Test Stump Foundation
  • AltaLink Substation Building Repairs
  • Weatherford GP Shop Renovations
  • Weatherford Welding Shop and Wireline Services Addition
  • Jorgen Steel Warehouse
Unique Construction Projects

MACSON has completed a number of unique construction projects; these include Public Artwork installations, structural rehabilitations, reinforcing and restorations.

Van Leeuwen
Completed Projects » Completed Projects »
  • Commonwealth Stadium Structural Repairs
  • Tofield Hospital Chiller Support Replacement
  • ARC Enclosure Structure
  • Maple Ridge Subdivision Infrastructure
  • St. Albert Bleachers
  • Rossdale Parkade Repairs
  • CEH Precast Panel Repairs
  • Public Artwork Installation in City of St. Albert
  • AltaLink Substation Building Repairs