Construction Management

Construction Management is a team approach to a project. MACSON works with the client and consultant team from project conception through to completion. Early involvement of the construction manager provides beneficial input and expertise regarding construction methods, materials, scheduling and budgets. The Construction Manager will also provide advice regarding value engineering, life cycle costs, project cost control and quality controls during construction.

Once the client’s project program is developed and the construction requirements are established, the appropriate contractual agreement for the project will be executed. The construction management contract may be fixed fee, percentage based or maximum project cost. Construction Management allows for greater flexibility in the contractual agreements which is beneficial to projects that require fast tracking or are very complex.

Design Build

Using the Design Build Methodology, MACSON is the single point of control for the client through design and construction. MACSON retains the professional consultants and assembles the design team and construction team. The team works to provide a complete design and construction package that meets the client’s project requirements.

Based on the client’s project program, a detailed proposal is compiled which will include the design phase and construction phase of the project. The design build contract may be fixed fee, percentage based or maximum upset cost.

Project Management

MACSON offers a single point of responsibility to ensure the successful development, design and construction for the project. The client receives expert support and advice from MACSON’s team of project managers and network of consultants.

Project management is the control of project cost, quality and schedule during all aspects of the construction process. By controlling these aspects the project manager ensures appropriate decisions are made at critical times allowing the project objectives to be achieved within budget and on schedule. MACSON combines the consultant selection, design phase, procurement phase, construction and project close-out to ensure a successful project for every client.

Pre-Construction Services

MACSON provides pre-construction services which provide owners with crucial information specific to their construction needs. This information fine-tunes the project requirements allowing the owner to make informed decisions regarding financial commitments, and timeline commitments, thus ensuring the project goals will be achieved within an established budget and schedule.

Construction Consulting

MACSON provides additional services for various aspects of the construction activities that are involved in a project. MACSON consulting services include:

  • Building Condition Assessments
  • Construction Review Services
  • Cost, Schedule and Constructability Analysis Services
  • Site Evaluation/Acquisition Services
Please contact MACSON to inquire about any Construction Consulting services you may require.